About Your Photo Shoot

We work hard to make your photo shoot a fun and entertaining experience and we focus on your children because we know you want them to be the centre of attention in your photos. The studio session usually ends up being a family playtime.


Your photoshoot with us lasts about an hour – we work as quickly as possible to get you a variety of styles. Extra time is scheduled for big family groups and newborn shoots. If your kids are having a great time and we have nobody booked in immediately after you, we keep shooting and capturing as many beautiful expressions as possible from you and your family.


There are not many props in our studio because we believe your photos should reflect you, not us. We’re not going to pose your baby in a flower pot and holding a fake flower, unless you bring them along to the session. Usually we brainstorm things that you could bring along that your kids love and that you do together as a family so we can capture your natural expressions – your Unique Moments. These props can be as simple as playing cards or bubbles to blow, or you can all dress up as superheroes or wear your football shirts. Just remember, whatever you bring will be displayed on your wall for the next twenty years!


Most people dread having a photo session, but our families always leave saying they’ve had a great time. In a photo shoot you have to get closer than you usually would and our photographers get you doing all sorts of activities to make you laugh – we’ve even had people say that their session was like family therapy, an excuse to show love and affection.


At the end of a photography session, we give you a list of all of the products we do: sizes, prices and styles. That way you can measure the spaces in your house and budget for what you want before you come back to see your photos.


Once your photos are edited and retouched and ready to be seen, you’ll come back and see a slideshow of all your photos. Afterwards one of our designers will talk you through all of your options, help you pick your favourites and work out how you will best display your family memories for years to come.


If you have any questions, please phone the studio. We are always happy to have a chat and answer any questions you have.