Hints and Tips

Getting ready for your session can be daunting :

“what do I bring, should I get my hair done, how do I cover up the big pimple on my face...”.

There are a million questions and we are here to answer them. Before your shoot we have a conversation on the phone and get to know you – find out about your family, what you do together for fun, if there’s anything you’re worried about. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have.

A couple of days before your shoot your photographer will call you to introduce themselves and see if you have any more questions.

Below we are going to run through the questions most asked by our clients:

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What do I wear?

If you always dress up but wear casual clothes to your photo shoot it probably doesn’t reflect you well; in the same way, if you are relaxed and casual and wear a suit to the session it will make you stiff and awkward.

We usually suggest going for a ‘natural’ look, something that you would wear if you had a family day out at the park.

We always ask you to arrive in the clothes you want to wear for the shoot and generally ask you to avoid wearing white - against a white background you look like your head is floating in mid-air!

Bring a second outfit – this can be a casual outfit, smart clothes, traditional styles, fancy dress, anything you want. We have a changing room for you to use and this gives you a five-minute breather in the middle of the session.


Do I have to be in all of the photos?

Parents often don’t want to be in the photos at all and only want us to take photos of their kids. We do insist that you are in some of the images – kids smile the most when playing with their parents. We will know if you’re shy and we’ll tailor your session so that the kids are the focus, but it’s important that you trust us. We know what we’re doing.

New mothers are a perfect example – almost all new mothers don’t feel like they’re looking their best and don’t like the idea of being photographed. We know all the tricks when it comes to flattering you. And to be honest, when there’s a beautiful baby in the middle of a photo who’s going to be looking at mum and dad? Usually these are the photos that the parents like the most – the whole family together.


Are there baby-changing facilities at your studio?


If you are coming to us for a newborn shoot we will have a conversation about what styles you want before you arrive. If you are looking for intimate skin-on-skin photos, swaddling or nappy shots we encourage you to change your baby in the studio as part of the session – the less we change and move your baby the better. If you prefer there is a baby-changing table in our changing room.


How much make-up should I wear, and should I get my hair done?

The most important thing to remember is that the photos are going to be on your wall for a long time and you want to look yourself. If you always wear heavy make-up, then wear your make-up as usual. If you want to get a blow-dry then make sure it’s not a crazy catwalk style and you look like yourself.

Our photography style primarily captures natural expressions although we can do much more posed work as part of the shoot. You are not going to look sultry and like a catwalk model in most of the photos, you are going to be smiling and laughing.

Be yourself.


Are the images ‘photoshopped’?

All of our photos are edited and retouched. We spend a lot of time making your photos perfect before your viewing so you know exactly what you are buying. We start by adjusting the colours and the brightness of the image and then we process different styles in different ways.

We do retouch the skin in our photos but don’t remove scars or birthmarks unless you ask us to – we also don’t photoshop heavy make-up into the photos.

We once had a shoot the day after a child had fallen down and had cut his nose and bruised his chin. They came and had a fun photo shoot anyway, and when the parents came back to see their photos they only realised half way through that we had photoshopped all of the injuries out!

The changes we make during our retouching process are designed to enhance your images and make them pop, as well as remove anything that might stop you liking a photograph. If you have a big pimple it will be removed and if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before the shoot we may diminish the lines under your eyes a little.

Most importantly, if you want us to make or not make specific changes you can tell us during your session or phone calls.