Our Frames

All of our frames offered are handmade and given individual attention in a purpose-built workshop by experts. No matter what frame you choose, they are all made to last a lifetime. Some styles suit specific lighting better than others and we would be happy to help guide you during your viewing when you choose your photos.

We work with a state-of-the-art supplier who just happens to be local to us - they work with big companies and independent artists and photographers all around the world to perfectly finish any work of art.

Having an internationally-renowned supplier allows us to offer a variety of options to suit your decoration and style at home and provide incredible quality at affordable prices.


We also have a variety of designs which you will see when you come to the studio for your viewing appointment. Single images give a real wow-factor but we also shoot during our sessions so that we can put together collections of images to be displayed as an artpiece. These can be incorporated into one frame or several and can tell a story. You can see examples of these below: