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Contact: Simon Atkins - Director



At Unique Moments we understand the importance of protecting our customers. We collect contact details and personal information that enable us to provide a personal and bespoke service to our clients.

Our Privacy Policy states our dedication to keeping those details secure, private and protected. It details what information we collect, how we use and store it, and how long we keep it.

This Policy applies to all information collected online through our website (www.uniquemomentsstudio.com) as well as by telephone, in person and through written correspondence, as well as payment and billing information regarding previous purchases.

Any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to the contact noted at the start of this document, who is the appointed Data Protection Officer for Unique Moments.


What information do we collect?

We obtain personal information about you when, for example:

·             You use our website

·             A contact form is filled out by yourself on our website

·             You contact us by telephone, post, email social media or any other means

·             You meet us at an event

·             You use our services and/or products

·             We use third party public resources

The information we collect and may hold about you include the following:

·             Your personal details (such as your name, address, date of birth etc)

·             Additional contact details (such as email addresses)

·             Details of contact we have had with you in relation to the services we provide

·             Details of any services/products you have received from us

·             Our correspondence and communications with you

·             Information from research, surveys and marketing activities

·             Information we receive from other sources (such as partnered companies, public resources etc)

·             Non-personal information transmitted by your personal device in order for you to obtain access to our website and online services


Payment details are collected through an ePDQ machine (card payment device) and are not stored on premises. Invoice details are kept on file indefinitely, of which the customer is also given a copy and can request one at any future date.

If payment is made through another means, a physical copy of payment information is kept in a secured location onsite until payment is complete, at which point any sensitive personal and payment information is destroyed. In this instance, an invoice may be issued via post or email if requested by the customer.

During the booking process debit/credit card details are collected to secure the slot in our diary by allowing for an appointment cancellation fee. These are stored on-site in an encrypted and password-protected document independently of any other details and are deleted immediately following the relevant appointment or charge.


How do we use personal information?

We do not rent or sell users’ information to third parties.

We may process your information when it is necessary in order to perform our services.

We may use your information to communicate with you regarding our services.

We may process your personal data for the purposes of our own legitimate interests providing that those interests do not override any of your interests, rights or freedoms which require the protection of personal data. This includes processing for marketing, business development and management reports.

In some circumstances we may anonymize personal data so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case we may use it without further notice to you.

If a customer is referred to us or is gifted a voucher by an individual, company or any other approved source, we reserve the right to inform said company of whether the voucher has been registered and/or used.

If delivery or personalization of a product or service is requested, or a customized product is ordered containing personal information, we will provide relevant personal details to our suppliers, contractors and staff members.

Your information may also be used/provided to others if reasonably necessary in order to comply with any applicable laws, regulations, legal processes or governmental requests, to enforce our policies or agreements, or to take action against illegal activities or wrongdoings including fraud, theft and security concerns.

We may process your personal data for certain additional purposes with your consent, and in these limited circumstances where your consent is required for the processing of your personal data then you have the right to withdraw your consent to processing for such specific purposes.

Transfer of data outside the EEA

We do not transfer your personal information outside of the EEA. Any of our service providers (data recipients) that transfer your data outside of the EEA are required to do so as approved by the European Commission.

Where do we store and process personal data?

Personal and sensitive personal data is collected and stored on-site in multiple locations. Back-ups of information are stored online through ‘cloud’ storage solutions and through paid-for services provided by third parties.

All information which is stored digitally is encrypted and password protected in order to limit access to your personal data only to employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who are required to use the information for our business purposes.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

The period for which we store your personal information is dependent on our provision of services and/or products:

·             Personal information that is provided to us by you that does not result in provision of services or products will be destroyed no more than twelve months after we receive it

·             If we provide you with a service and/or product, the personal information we obtain from you is held indefinitely for purposes relation to the storage of the customer’s photography and in order to provide future services. Clients are given the opportunity to request in person and/or following provision of services that their personal information be destroyed.

·             Any information collected to complete a purchase is kept for no less than seven years. This excludes card payment information.

Data and backups will be deleted periodically according to our in-house policy to comply with the above statements.


The customers’ rights in relation to personal data

Any individual that has provided their personal information to us is able to exercise their rights regarding these details, including demanding access to information, correction and deletion of information, withdrawal of content for use. This list is not exhaustive.

Above individuals also have the right to lodge complaints with the Information Commissioner’s Office if they believe their data to be mishandled or shared in a way not laid out within this document or in any unlawful way.  

Unique Portraits acknowledges that a customer’s demands for access to information may require the obscuring of other customers’ information in order to avoid exposing other individuals’ personal data, which may result in incomplete documents. We also acknowledge that in exceptional circumstances we may be required by law to keep data which is requested to be deleted by you, the customer. In this situation the data will be immediately anonymized to all except for the appointed Data Protection Officer.

In order to confirm your identity, for the purpose of ensuring your right to access information, we may need to request specific information from you. This is for the purpose of keeping your information secure.  

Storage of information belonging to third-party companies

In the exceptional event that Unique Moments stores personal information for another company/individual, sensitive or otherwise, Unique Moments does not hold responsibility or liability for the security and/or privacy of that information.

Linking to other websites / third party content

Any affiliation with external services, businesses and individuals and/or inclusion of third party content by Unique Moments does not constitute endorsement of that third party or any of their views or information provided. This affiliation can be through, but not limited to, the following:

·             Website links

·             Social media interaction

·             Employee recommendation

·             Collaboration

·             Use of services


Amendments to this Privacy Policy

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be in immediate effect following its revision. The most recent revision date is below:




Your continued use of our services, following any amendments, constitutes your acknowledgement and consent of such amendments.